Saturday, July 15, 2017

Camp Day 8 from Abby

The last day of camp is always a surreal feeling- what just happened? It tends to be a whirlwind of a week that’s for sure.

The adults just finished a great dinner together at a local restaurant. I’m taking over blog duty for the day as the students are doing “homestays” this evening. In pairs, they get the opportunity to stay at the home of one of the youth group students. It is always a memorable part of the trip.

The leaders get a chance to rest and to decompress a bit from the day and week.

Our last day of camp was a great one! The polish students now had their chance to teach their American English teachers a thing or two. Their first session of the day which is usually spent learning English, was spent preparing Polish lessons to teach their teachers. The second session of the day was spent trying to get the Americans to make sounds with their mouths that we struggle with, to learn songs or to count. The polish students loved it! The Americans were humbled.

We topped off the day with a game of soccer- the Americans and some of the polish leaders playing against the campers. It was a well fought match and I think those who played enjoyed themselves.

Tomorrow we will get the chance once again to worship alongside our polish friends at their church. We invited the campers to join us for the service so we are excited to see who comes! We will then spend the afternoon talking about how camp went and celebrating the friendships that we have with the polish half of our team- the youth group here in Skoczow.

Please continue to be in prayer for us in the next few days. Pray that when the campers from camp remember us Americans, that they would what they saw and learned about Jesus this week. We ask also for prayer for our last moments with our friends here, that goodbyes would be full of sweet moments, and for travel as we leave this place to head back to you.

I can’t tell you enough how much I truly love this place and how much the people here mean to me. I’m so grateful for yet another chance to have been here and served alongside my friends- and with this team from Timberwood that God orchestrated so perfectly for all that happened this week.

I hope to write more for you all to hear when we get back, but this is all for now.

Love to you and thank you so much for being a part of this with us!

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