Sunday, July 16, 2017

Last day in Skoczów from Kon

            “98% of my fridge is going to be different when I get home.” -Noah
            As you can tell the trip is coming to a close and we are finally starting to realize it. Today I told Emily that it’s the 16th and she could barely believe it and I could too. My birthday is in nine days, I didn’t think about that until today when I actually thought about the date. The days during the week at camp flew by so fast and I really didn’t realize it until today that camp is over and our trip is almost as well. This week was amazing and I’m going to miss Poland genuinely. The relationships that were made and grew this week were astounding. To see everyone in our team (American & Polish) start clicking was so awesome. I can’t describe it. Today we went to church and our band played the worship music. I know everyone says this, but hearing a song sung to God in two languages is one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced. It makes me truly feel comfortable and excited about my calling to become a worship leader. After church we debriefed the entire camp experience and talked about what we can fix for next year. Carl spilled water on his pants and I laughed really hard during this time. After we were done we packed and then went out to Cieszyn to sightsee, go into the Czech Republic, and get dinner. Saying our goodbyes tonight was a really hard thing to do; there were tears, laughter, laugh-tears, and lots of hugging. Telling these people that have become such a large part of my life bye and I don’t know when I’ll see you next was incredibly hard, but knowing that we have a God who will reconnect us when it is the right time is one of the most comforting feelings.

            I was pretty close to most of the leaders going on this trip before we left, but it’s now on a new level. Carl and Pete are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met (it’s not just dad jokes either). Deb always laughs at my jokes and makes me feel like a success. Paulette is incredibly wise and brings a new perspective to the way things are seen, she thinks of the smartest things that I would never think of. Kris is a great leader and gives great perspective when I have to make choices. Abby is so smart, always has a solution, and is a wonderful leader who really loves this place with all her heart. Lilli is always smiling and has one of the most positive attitudes. Emily is a great worship leader and has smart insight. Noah is super funny and I can tell him anything. A term we came up with for some of the people on this trip is that they are a “thruster” always pushing others to finish and do their best. I’ve been so blessed to come on this trip with a great team of such amazing and dedicated people.

            Last time I wrote the blog I talked about a camper named Daniel that I wanted prayer for, he was bored and worn out with religion. The day after I wrote the blog we did our nightly debrief and the leader of his cell group said that he prayed out loud with the group. Hearing that sent a shock throughout my body, so amazing. God works in amazing ways here and back home (praying that VBS was amazing and that the Detroit team is ready for their VBS starting tomorrow). Thank you for your prayers and continued support, someone mentioned at church today the commitment that it takes to leave for 15 days and do this. I never even thought about it really but thank you for letting us go to the families and friends back home. Tomorrow we leave for Poznan at 5:25 and will arrive at a decent time for a full Josiah Venture team debrief. Sad to leave but excited to be making our way back home. 

Love and miss everyone, see you soon!



  1. Praying for safe travels home and praise for a great camp!

  2. The power of God at work through all of you! Have a safe trip home... Will keep praying!
    "Ascribe power to God, whose majesty is over Israel, and whose power is in the skies. Awesome is God from his sanctuary; the God of Israel—he is the one who gives power and strength to his people. Blessed be God!
    Psalms 68:34‭-‬35 ESV